Visitor control

Databac: visitor control solutions

From simple visitor books to on-line our cloud visitor management solutions with COVID-19 prevention, including temperature and mask detection solutions. We aim to ensure a fast, efficient experience for your visitors, giving you the tools, you need to track and manage their visit.

A smooth-running registration process can make that all-important first impression and allow you to extend your safety and security measures to your visitors. Databac offers visitor management hardware, software and accessories to wear and store credentials. We also provide integrated solutions tailored to your needs.

Visitor control solutions made to measure

  • Personalise your visitor badges
  • Kiosks for self-registration
  • Cards you can use again and again (Data ReWrite™)
  • Classic visitor book and label solutions

Personalise your visitor badges

We provide a range of fully customisable solutions for enrolling, pre-booking and managing your visitors, including our own: Dataimage Visitor. These can be used for signing visitors in and out, complete with a visual ID record and integrated with biometrics if required for secure environments such as prisons. Details can be added such as dietary requirements and hosts can be alerted during sign-in.

For larger, more complex installations, we offer online cloud visitor management systems. The feature-rich software allows you to monitor various types of traffic by categorising visitors, manage events, create watch lists to alert of unwanted guests and more.

Kiosks for self-registration

Our kiosk terminals reduce queues and saves time and resources – They are ideal for auto-check-in at reception areas of businesses, hotels, and conferences. These standalone terminals are compatible with our DataImage Visitor software.

Cards you can use again and again

Rewritable printing systems are sustainable and can bring significant savings in personalised plastic visitor cards. Our Data ReWrite™ cards can be printed, erased, and reprinted for each visitor, while creating a professional image. You can re-use each card up to 500 times each. In addition, the ribbon-free operation saves on consumables.

Classic visitor book systems

For entry-level requirements, we have a range of traditional visitor book systems which allow visitors to sign in manually. Visitor passes come in various formats: tear-out copies from the visitor book, printable labels with label backs, printable branded inserts for use with vinyl pouches, self-expiring passes, or plastic visitor badges.