Databac accessories

We have a wide selection of accessories to wear, store and display your credentials. These include card holders, badge clips and badge reels. Most can be branded, turning them into an effective marketing tool for your company. Perfect for businesses, events, retail, hotels and anywhere credentials are used.



  • Materials: Cotton, bamboo, PET, rPET (recycled from PET bottles) and corn
  • Formats: flat ribbon, tubular ribbon and embroidered ribbon
  • Printing options: dye sublimation, screen printing and embroidery

Card holders

  • Formats: vertical / horizontal, single / double, open / closed
  • Materials: PVC, rPVC (recycled), PC (polycarbonate), PP (polypropylene),
  • Treatments: anti-microbial, detectable, compostable and recyclable


  • Materials: silicone, PVC, vinyl, Tyvek (paper)
  • Technology: can include RFID and QR/barcode
  • Printing options: dye sublimation and screen printing


  • Different formats, colours and technologies.
  • Materials: ABS, PC (polycarbonate), leather and metal
  • Technology: can include RFID
  • Printing options: epoxy dome-label and screen printing

Badge reels (yo-yo)

  • Different formats, colours and technologies
  • Materials: ABS and metal
  • Printing options: epoxy dome-label and screen printing


  • Formats: vertical / horizontal, XL size, zip closure
  • Materials: PVC and Eco-friendly (EVA) and anti-microbial