Databac Software

DataImage is Databac’s own suite of software that allows to design, print and even encode cards. DataImage puts you in control of the complete process by enabling you to connect to your database, capture data such as photos, signatures and even biometrics.  DataImage works with a range of hardware including card printers, webcams, scanners, RFID and biometric readers.  In addition, we also offer DataImage Visitor and Events for management of your guests and contractors. With the need for low-touch solutions caused by Covid 19, self-registration is also possible using our tablets and kiosks.  As well as issuing personalised cards, we can also produced adhesive labels which can also self-expire in 24 hours.

Different versions of DataImage are available (Lite, Small Business Edition, Professional and Premium) to meet the different needs of our clients wishing to issue just a few cards to many thousands a day.


Software DataImage 

  • DataImage Lite: Our entry-level software, offered free with the purchase of any card printer.
  • DataImage Small Business Edition: Standalone card printing software for small to medium businesses.
  • DataImage Professional: Networked software with the full suite of design, printing enconding tools, including multi-user support.
  • DataImage Premium: Premium edition with additional features to replicate databases and manage and batch-print multiple card designs.

DataImage Visitor

DataImage Visitor is Databac’s Windows™ visitor management system also includes a kiosk mode for pre-reservation and self-registration. Standalone and networked, it allows you to design and print visitor pass on a label, card or paper insert.


CardExchange® is an alternative to Dataimage. It is ideal for applications where you need to connect multiple databases to other data sources which can be automatically updated across the platform, such as healthcare or educational institutions. The user interface has a Microsoft look and feel, making it friendly and familiar to use.

CardExchange® Producer for card personalisation comes in Business and Enterprise editions. CardExchange® Visitor makes it easy to register, authorise, manage and track visitors.