Databac printers

Databac provides a wide range of printers to personalise and encode cards. We partner with all the major printer manufacturers, including Matica, Entrust, Fargo, Seaory, Magicard, Evolis, Zebra, Dascom, Nisca and Javelin. We also offer extended warranties, remote technical support, and repair services.

Our comprehensive range includes monochrome and colour printers, with single- or double-sided printing and optional modules for lamination, encoding, embossing and laser engraving. We also provide consumables for all the printers we offer.


Retransfer printers

Retransfer printers are ideal for use with plain RFID and contact chip cards. They produce high-quality results (up to 600dpi) on different card materials, such as PVC, PET, ABS and polycarbonate.

These printers use a two-stage process. First, the image is printed on a transparent film using dye sublimation or ink pigmentation; this film is then laminated (or transferred) onto the surface of the card. This method allows cards to be printed completely edge-to-edge. These printers can print single-sided or double-sided by adding an additional module.

Direct transfer printers

Dye-sublimation direct transfer (D2T2 or DTC) printers are the most common card printers. These are ideal for personalisation of plain or pre-printed PVC or PVC/PET cards, without contact chip or RFID. They are also suitable for printing text or barcodes in black resin only.

Direct transfer printers use a ribbon with cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK) panels, plus an optional protective overlay (O or T). This method generally leaves an unprinted area around the edges of the card. 

Inkjet printers

Affordable, fast and high quality, inkjet card printers are the newest development in entry-level card personalisation. Desktop models are a perfect option for printing onto PVC cards and even come with optional encoding and laser engraving modules.

Inkjet printers use UV drop-on-demand (DOD) technology, which drop the ink onto the surface of the card which is then cured under UV LED. Special security inks can also be used.

 Laser engravers

For driving licences and other official documents, laser engraving offers a secure and durable method of personalisation. High-resolution grayscale images and embossed text can be engraved, while CLI/TLI/MLI (changeable laser image, image perforation and multiple laser image) are enhanced options to further prevent tampering and copying.

Rewritable printers

Rewritable card printers are ideal for applications with a high turnover of cards, such as visitor/contractor management or hotel key cards. Their heat-sensitive material allows cards to be printed, erased and reprinted up to 500 times. This means you can use professional-looking cards rather than paper inserts and pouches or generic ‘Visitor/Contractor’ cards.

With ribbon-free functionality, rewritable printers reduce costs and material waste, making card issuance much more sustainable. Databac’s own rewritable card, Data ReWrite™, is designed for rewritable card printers. It can be pre-printed with your branding, for on-the-spot personalisation.

Thermal label printers 

For visitor management, thermal label printers produce disposable visitor passes quickly and efficiently. The printer head applies heat to the surface of the label, which changes colour through a thermal reaction. The labels can be self-adhesive or placed in a clear pouch. They can also be self-expiring to prevent re-use.