Transform your business retail with the power of RFID technology

Transform your business retail with the power of RFID technology

3 retail companies that use RFID to combat theft

Leading British retail companies are successfully implementing RFID (radio frequency identification) as an anti-theft method in their stores. This innovative technology not only reduces losses from theft, but also improves inventory management and customers’ shopping experience.

  • Marks & Spencer: Implemented RFID in 2007, pioneering its use in the UK. The technology has reduced losses from theft by 50%.
  • Selfridges: Adopted RFID in 2010. In addition to theft prevention, the technology is delivering improved inventory tracking and a more personalised shopping experience.
  • John Lewis & Patners: Started piloting RFID in 2019. The technology has resulted in a significant reduction in theft losses, while facilitating omnichannel sales, enabling online purchase of products in store.

Despite the challenges that applying a new security system can bring, RFID technology is being adopted by a growing number of retail companies. Its ability to improve security, efficiency and the shopping experience makes it a powerful tool for the retail sector.

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