Access and ID solutions for staff, patients and equipment

Databac is your source for staff, patient and visitors identification, as well as readers, wristbands and a host of accessories designed for clean environments.

Hospital administrators and security managers face a unique challenge in securing an environment that needs to be freely accessible. Databac helps many hospitals and healthcare institutions to identify staff, patients and visitors, to control access to sensitive areas and to keep track of valuable assets.

 ID card and wristband issuance

Our card printing and visitor systems make card issuance quick, simple and efficient. With customisable software and a card printer, hospitals can take control of the design, printing and encoding of secure ID cards. What’s more, we have a full range of patient wristbands and printers.

Access control, time & attendance and asset tagging

Databac’s bespoke systems for access control and time recording have powerful features for the healthcare sector. They can operate with cards or through biometric recognition and can even incorporate temperature or face mask detection. For valuable equipment we offer bespoke asset tagging and inventory management solutions.


Databac also supplies a host of accessories to wear and protect cards, such as card holders, lanyards or card reels, many of which can be branded with the hospital logo. These can be made of anti-microbial material designed for clean environments.