Databac biometrics

Databac offers biometric terminals based on the identification of physical characteristics, such as fingerprint, facial and vascular recognition. These technologies are highly-secure and ideal for sensitive locations.

Databac is an official distributor for the major manufacturers, including Suprema, HID, Fujitsu, HIK and others.




Facial biometric readers

Facial readers provide a highly-secure, touch-free solution for access control. Offering the ultimate in convenience and ease-of-use, a person simply stands in front of the reader to be identified. There is no physical contact, making the process completely hygienic.

The reader works by scanning 3D images of a person’s facial features, such as position and the dimensions of the eyes, nose and mouth. These are checked against the facial record held in the database for verification. Some terminals incorporate mask and temperature detection.

Fingerprint biometric readers

Popular for time and attendance and access control, fingerprint readers provide quick and secure verification. Like all biometric systems, there is no need to carry a card or remember a password. Buddy punching and time theft are avoided.

Fingerprint readers verify the minutiae of the scanned fingerprint against the template held on the database. The process is fast and recognition rates are generally high. Databac’s range includes indoor and vandal-proof outdoor models.

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