Databac readers

Our range of readers are selected from the leading brands in the industry. We offer readers of different technologies, including RFID/contactless, contact chip, Bluetooth, magnetic stripe and QR/barcode. These can be operated using a combination of credentials such as cards, key fobs, tags, wristbands, labels and mobile phones.

Databac is an authorised partner of Third Millennium, Nortech, HID/Indala and TDSi. The readers we offer can be used with the majority of access control systems on the market today. Reader configurations include the following outputs: Wiegand, Clock and Data, RS232, RS485 and OSDP (Open Supervised Device Protocol).


Third Millennium

Third Millennium RFID readers are distinguished by their elegant, modern design. Their state-of-the-art functionality is suited to high-security applications using LEGIC, NFC, NXP and HID. Readers can be multi-technology and offer the latest in Bluetooth and ODSP connectivity.


Nortech RFID readers are robust and reliable. With long-range UHF and vandal-resistant models among many others, Nortech readers are excellent for residential security and commercial car parks. They work with all technologies on the market, including LEGIC, NXP and HID.


As one of the biggest manufacturers in the industry, HID offers RFID readers for all applications. Designed around HID’s proprietary formats, these secure terminals work with HID’s own credential, such as iClass and offer Bluetooth, NFC and OSDP connectivity.


Indala 125KHz proximity readers are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They uniquely feature FlexSecure technology, which provides an added level of security through a verification process at the reader. The readers are configurable for Wiegand, magnetic stripe and serial output formats.


TDSi readers are a solid choice for access control applications. With a range of technologies, including Mifare and proximity, they offer reliable performance.