The reusable card revolution

The reusable card revolution

Rewritable ID cards slash costs, deliver messages and reduce waste

In today’s conscious environment, efficiency and cost-effectiveness go hand in hand with responsible practices. One area in which companies can significantly optimise their operations is the issuance of ID cards for visitors, students, contractors and members. Any application with a high turnaround of cards – or where the information needs to be frequently updated – there is high probability of waste. For these applications, rewritable cards can completely transform ID issuance. Rewritable cards like Databac’s Data ReWrite are made with a thermo-chromatic material on which text and images can be printed and erased using dedicated card printers. This technology brings a host of benefits to companies of all sizes, enabling them to save time, reduce costs and enhance sustainability.

Reduced costs

Why use 400 cards when you can use just one 400 times? One of the most significant advantages of rewritable cards is their cost efficiency. Unlike paper tickets or other disposable credentials, rewritable cards involve a one-off purchase with a high return on investment. Event organisers can reuse the cards for multiple events, fairs or conferences. Colleges and universities can reuse credentials for the next intake of students. Any visitor/contractor application that requires access-enabled cards can benefit from the long-term cost savings of reusing the same card stock over and over.

A personalised experience

Businesses that use paper cards or adhesive labels for visitors can upgrade to professional-looking ID cards, issued on the spot with the guest’s name and photo. The cards can be encoded with the appropriate access rights to extend their function beyond ID. A personalised card also delivers a more satisfying experience than generic visitor cards, conveying a sense of belonging.

Cards as a communications tool

With the ability to print and reprint, ID cards can be used to communicate information, opening up new opportunities. In membership and loyalty schemes, reward points can be updated, bespoke offers can be printed or personalised messages can be added for client engagement. At medical practices, gyms or salons, scheduled appointments can be printed to ensure attendance. Hotel keycards can become personalised marketing tools. Class schedules can be added to student passes. The possibilities are endless.

Environmental benefits

Sustainability is one of the main benefits of rewritable cards. Using the same cards again and again avoids waste, reduces a company’s carbon footprint and aligns with corporate social responsibility initiatives, demonstrating a commitment to a sustainable future. What’s more, rewritable card printers use no ribbon, further reducing waste.

A host of business benefits can be gained by leveraging the potential of rewritable cards. Contact Databac to explore what they can do for your organisation.

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