Matica XID: Ultra-reliable retransfer printing

Matica XID: Ultra-reliable retransfer printing

The Matica XID range from Databac is extremely reliable and the quality is always good. Check out the entry-level and advanced models.

Sharp and vibrant colours, edge-to-edge or over-the-edge coverage and quicker outputs are just some of the benefits offered by Matica’s XID retransfer printers. Databac offers both the entry-level XID8100 and the advanced XID8600.

With retransfer technology, the print is applied to a transparent film, which is then bonded to the card. The print head never touches the card, so any embedded contact or contactless chip remains in perfect condition, while the print covers the surface flawlessly. The XID range offers high quality, improved printing speeds and, above all, proven reliability.

The XID8100 is perfectly suited for lower day-to-day output demands and budgets. The one-sided printer prints up to 100 cards per hour. It can be upgraded to enable double-sided printing, curvature correction and chip encoding. It can also be connected to a lamination module for further protection and durability of the card.

The XID8600 is a sophisticated and robust double-sided printer offering over-the-edge printing at 600dpi. The ultra high resolution enables close to offset quality graphics and even microprint for additional security. And it’s fast, at 120 cards per hour. Magstripe, contact and contactless encoding options are available, as are add-on units for lamination and laser-engraving.

Both printers come with a lifetime printhead warranty when using the appropriate Matica consumables.

Retransfer printers work with all types of card materials such as PVC, ABS, PET, composites and polycarbonate. As a card manufacturer, Databac can provide custom cards incorporating a choice of technologies.

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