Entrust Sigma: Simple, smart, secure and made for the cloud

Entrust Sigma: Simple, smart, secure and made for the cloud

Card issuance goes physical and digital with the new cloud-based Entrust Sigma range from Databac, introducing Instant ID as a Service.

The Entrust Sigma ID range of card printers is designed for today’s cloud environments. Simple, smart and secure, they allow you to easily issue secure identities. Print physical ID cards or issue digital credentials to mobile phones, on premise or in the cloud. And with Instant ID as a Service (IIDaaS), you get all the benefits without the IT headaches.

Simple: Sigma printers are so easy to use, offering true out-of-the-box functionality. When the colour runs out, simply drop in the pre-loaded ribbon cartridges (or choose eco-friendly rolls). An intuitive printer dashboard lets you see printer status, order supplies, update firmware or get help – all from your mobile device.

Secure: Sigma offers high-end security features. Certificates and keys are managed via a trusted platform module. All data transmissions are encrypted, while a secure boot protects the printer from viruses and malware. No data is stored on the printer, itself while the ribbon can be made illegible to prevent copying after use. Lustre (reflective ink) and UV print can be also added to physical ID cards for added security.

Smart: With Sigma, the printer is converted into a smart IoT (Internet of Things) device. With IIDaaS, you can print anytime, anywhere from your chosen device. One platform is used for all devices, to issue simultaneous ID card and mobile flashpasses. Cloud deployment means there is no heavy download and Entrust handles the software updates and support. Its drag-and-drop, browser-based interface makes it easy to enroll, design and issue cards.

Choose from the Sigma DS1 (single-sided), DS2 (double-sided) and DS3 (single/double with optional lamination and tactile impression). Discover the key features of the Sigma range, in this video.

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