The value of programmable access control readers

The value of programmable access control readers

Databac offers a wide range of Third Millennium readers that are multi-technology and fully programmable.

If it’s time for you to choose new access control readers for your company, you’re faced with a lot of choices. Among the many features to assess, you need to decide if you want a programmable model or not. So who needs to be able to program their readers and who doesn’t?

What can be programmed?

Typically, the main things that can be programmed are: the configuration of the technology used in the card (LEGIC, MIFARE®, HID® iCLASS® , MIFARE® DESFire®, EM, HID® Proximity, etc); the format of the output and communication with the access control system (Wiegand, Clock & Data, RS232, RS485 etc); and the sensory display (the lights or sounds activated when the cards are read). Some readers come pre-configured, so if you have found one which perfectly suits your setup, then you don’t need a programmable model.

When are they recommended?

Programmable and multi-technology readers are a good idea for multi-site companies, where offices use different technologies. A reader set up to read multiple technologies will read cards from all sites and, if they need different output formats, the programmable reader can help configure these formats.

Similarly, if you are upgrading or migrating to a new technology, the new technology cards can be gradually introduced, as the reader will read both the old and the new cards. If, at some point, you want to change your access control system, you can also keep the same readers, reprogrammed for the new technology.

Or the choice might be aesthetic: you may simply want to control the user experience. Features like an integrated speaker, RGB LED and buzzer give you the flexibility to create the desired user interface for your project.


After that, it comes down to choice. At Databac, we recommend the RX range from Third Millennium, an excellent example of multi-technology readers which can be programmed on-site and offer advanced features like ODSP and Bluetooth (more on these in future blog posts!).

As certified partner, we stock and program the readers to suit your requirements, for a fast and efficient turnaround. As a card manufacturer, we can also provide RFID cards to use with Third Millennium readers, as well as key fobs, wristbands and other credentials.

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