Time & attendance

Databac: time & attendance

Time and attendance solutions can offer powerful features to help you manage staff attendance, payroll, holiday and sick leave. Our range of readers and credentials help you get the most out of your system, to enhance staff productivity and engagement.

We offer terminals that adapt to the needs of each client, offering a choice of recognition technologies: facial, fingerprint or RFID. Most of these terminals are multifunctional, so they also allow access control and visitor management, thereby maximising their performance.

Systems made to measure

  • Staff time & attendance
  • Personalised cards

Staff time & attendance

We offer complete solutions for time and attendance by the leading brands using the latest technologies, including RFID and biometrics. We offer support services and can also provide product training.

Personalised cards

If you already have a time and attendance system, we can make cards to your specifications. We provide cards from the main brands and hold special permits to manufacture licensed technologies such as LEGIC and NXP.

All our cards can be encoded for added security. As a card manufacturer, Databac can produce custom cards, incorporating one or more technologies, to be used with the appropriate terminal. Cards can be blank, pre-printed or personalised for each employee.

We also have a wide range of printers and encoders for those companies who prefer to issue their own cards.