Smart Buildings

Databac: Smart Building solutions

A single card has the power to deliver real-time movement intelligence. Now you can harnesses that power to turn your site into a Smart Building. The Unif.id system with cards from Databac provides location data of all people on the premises for optimal safety, security and management of resources.

Comprising a web platform, sensors and UHF (ultra-high frequency) cards, Unif.id from Databac is an IoT (Internet of Things) solution ideally suited for high-rise office buildings. The movement intelligence it gathers is invaluable for improved management and protection of staff and visitors. The solution integrates with existing access control, time and attendance and loyalty systems and is easy to implement and use. Improved security and protection, greater efficiency, informed business decisions; the benefits of Unifi.id are significant and can, quite literally, be life-saving.

The power of movement intelligence

  • Manage emergencies and evacuations effectively
  • Create operational efficiencies
  • Communicate with people on the premises

Manage emergencies effectively

Unif.id delivers accurate information about the occupancy of large commercial buildings during emergency situations such as fires and security breaches – a benefit that particularly impacts high-rise buildings. Providing detailed analysis on the movement of staff members from floor to floor, the technology provides the emergency services with unparalleled insight.

Create operational efficiencies

The analytical software shows how your building is used. With real-time intelligence, you can optimise the space on your premises. Air-conditioning, heating and lighting can be adapted according to the use of each zone. Under-used spaces can be identified and repurposed. Cleaning schedules can be planned for times when areas are less occupied. The software

Communicate with people on the premises

Unifi.id operates with a battery-free device and is capable of working at a great distance. This means it can send messages to card wearers in real-time, via any mobile device, such as automated alerts in emergencies, schedule change notifications or new wi-fi keys.