Access control

Databac: Access control and biometric solutions

Office complexes, universities, hospitals, retirement homes, clubs, car parks, hotel rooms, sports facilities, cruise ships, dockyards – whatever your facility, our access solutions help you restrict entry to authorised people only. And not just premises; we help you manage access to PCs, office assets, lockers and car parks, too. Databac’s solutions adapt to your specific requirements and can include special COVID-19 prevention measures.

Solutions include:

  • Multifunctional access systems
  • Locker management solutions
  • Bluetooth locking systems
  • PC and workstation logon solutions

Solutions made-to-measure

Databac offers state-of-the-art access control readers which work with most technologies on the market, operated using tags, key fobs, wristbands, cards, smartphones or biometric data.

If you already have a system, we can make cards to your specifications. We are licensed to manufacture technologies such as LEGIC and NXP

Locker management solutions

Electronic locking systems make locker management easy, yet secure and reliable. From battery-powered to networked smart locks, these smart systems eliminate the problems of jammed locks and our members losing their keys.

Bluetooth locking systems

Our Bluetooth locking solutions are ideal for use at rental homes such as Airbnb and camp sites. Install a Bluetooth RFID locking system and then send the access keys to your client’s mobile using a secure app. The keys can be set up for fixed times and can be cancelled at any time via your own private web portal. Standard RFID cards or tags can also be issued.

PC and workstation logon solutions

Databac helps you leverage your physical security credentials for logical access. Use the same cards or registered fingerprints to access a PC, workstation or other device, for a streamlined, secure solution.