Card personalisation software

What operating systems does Dataimage card personalisation software support?

Dataimage works on Microsoft Windows 2000/NT, XP and Vista. The new Windows 7 will be supported soon.

Dataimage keeps loading into demo mode. Why is this?

First, check to see if your Dataimage security dongle is still in the machine (this will either be an old grey parallel dongle or a neon green or blue USB dongle). If it is, simply reboot and try again. Failing this, your security dongle may need to be installed again. Go to the ‘Enter download section name here’ and download the latest dongle driver. Make sure you keep the parallel dongle in the machine whilst running the install setup, but remove the USB dongles and reinsert them when indicated by the driver.

Can Dataimage connect to external databases?

Dataimage Professional and Premium Editions have ODBC drivers, making it possible to connect to a wide range of databases, including Microsoft Excel and Access, as well as Oracle and SQL databases. Please consult the card personalisation section for full details.


Common card printing issues

How long does it take to print a card using a dye-sublimation card printer?

This depends on the printer. A single-sided colour card takes an average of about 25 seconds. Printing full colour on one side of a card, with black text on the back, generally takes about 36 seconds.

How many cards does a ribbon print?

Again, it depends on the printer. Colour printers print anywhere between 150 and 350 sides YMCKO. Monochrome ribbons are available in both 1000 and 1500 image sizes.

My card printer has only used about two thirds of the ribbon, but it comes up with the message ‘Out of ribbon’. Is there any way to reset the ribbon usage counter?

All print ribbons now come with an RFID tag to keep track of the printed panels. Once this reaches zero, the ribbon can no longer be used. It may be that the printer needs calibrating or that the RFID tag is defective. If you need help with this, please contact technical support.

How often does a card printer need cleaning?

The printer ideally should be cleaned with every ribbon change using a dedicated cleaning kit.

I have a horizontal white line going across my card when printing in full colour. What could be causing this?

First, simply try cleaning your print head. If this does not work, the print head may have a section of failed elements. When these elements fail, they will not lay down any image across the card in that specific area, thereby causing a white line to appear. In this case, you need to replace the print head.

I have purchased a Datacard SP25 Plus without a ribbon but it is asking for one on installation. How do I get round this?

After turning on your printer, if your printer starts to beep and flash orange, please hold down the reset button at the front of your Datacard printer. After holding this down for a few seconds, the light should turn to green and the beeping should stop. You will now be able to install the printer.

My ribbon keeps snapping mid-print. What should I do?

This is quite a common problem. First, the printer may be in need of a clean. Regular cleaning can help prevent this from occurring. Make sure that your cards and ribbons are kept in a dust-free environment away from light. If you have a Fargo or Zebra printer, you can also try re-calibrating the sensors through the driver settings.
Alternatively, the problem can relate to the size and definition of your image. If you do not have a re-transfer printer, it is not recommended to print the whole of your card surface in solid colours.

Why do I keep getting a ‘Ribbon broken’ message on my Datacard SP series printer, while the ribbon is still intact?

Check the metal disk located on the ribbon cradle. If loose, simply click back tightly into position.

The images seem to be coming out blurry on the card surface but are fine on screen.

This is probably due to the resolution of the image. Screen resolution is much lower than standard print resolution (72 dots per inch versus 300dpi standard), meaning it usually looks sharper on screen than in print. Make sure that the original image resolution is 300dpi for best results. You should see a marked improvement of the quality of your images.

How do I stop my cards from warping when printing using a retransfer printer?

Standard PVC cards tend to warp due to the high print temperatures. Try using non-PVC or composite cards, such as DuraCard or TOUGH card.


Technology cards

Can the data on our contactless cards be easily copied?

Yes, it is relatively easy to copy or read data from contactless cards with the right equipment. To prevent this, use electromagnetically-opaque sleeves or card holders, such as Secure Sleeve.

We use Mifare cards for access control and want to install a cashless vending system. Can we use our existing cards?

Yes, you can leverage your existing cards. The new data can be written to a different sector on the chip to make them multifunctional.


Environmental awareness

As an environmentally-aware company, what non-PVC cards can we use with our card printers?

TOUGH card is made of 100% recyclable polyester and is specifically designed for printing with thermal transfer dye-sublimation card printers. TOUGH card Bio has an added ingredient with makes it biodegrade in soil in five years.


What other eco-friendly card products do you sell?

We have a range of eco-friendly card holders, lanyards and strap clips.


Biometric systems

We want a biometric access control system but are worried about safeguarding sensitive biometric data in a central database. What do you suggest?

You can use a ‘match-on-card’ biometric system, which store the fingerprint template on the holders card only. The reader then verifies the fingerprint to the template on the card to determine access rights. Staff On Time Smart Bio and Suprema BioStation are two such systems.