standard-title RFID cards for employees in Leeds

RFID cards for employees in Leeds

RFID cards for employees in Leeds

Databac, expert manufacturer of RFID cards for employees in Leeds

At Databac we offer graphic design, prepress and printing services including offset/digital, retransfer, inject and direct transfer printers, so we can guide you throughout the process.


ID cards clearly communicate your employees’ identities, while conveying your brand and its values. Incorporating RFID technology makes them a multi-functional tool, enables them to work with your card systems in a host of applications:

  • Identification of people: register full- and part-time employees, temporary staff and visitors.
  • Access control: allow or restrict access to specific areas inside the premises.
  • Time and attendance: record and manage employee attendance

What’s in an RFID card?

RFID cards consist of an aerial (antenna) and RFID chip embedded within a CR80 card body made of PVC, PETG, PC (polycarbonate) or wood. Each RFID card has a unique identification number. Compared to a magnetic stripe or barcode card, it has a much longer lifetime. Even if the surface of the card is scratched, it can still function, whereas a magnetic stripe card can easily demagnetise and a barcode card is more prone to wear and tear.

How can I personalise my cards in Leeds?

  • Gloss/matt finish lamination and UV varnishing
  • Printing of micro-text and security elements
  • One-colour, CMYK and Pantone printing
  • Photographs and variable data
  • UID number in thermal printing
  • 125KHz, 13.56MHz and UHF (long-range)
  • Magnetic stripe (Hi-Co, Lo-Co)
  • QR code, barcode (EAN 13/ EAN 128 / CODE 128 / CODE 39 and more)

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