ID card & wristband personalisation software

To personalise your own cards or wristbands, you can use our own Dataimage software. Databac is also an official partner of CardExchange and Omnicard, and can provide software from all major brands including Datacard, Fargo and Card 5.


Databac’s easy-to-use ID software, Dataimage, provides a complete solution for designing and printing ID cards for use in a host of applications, putting you in control of the ID card personalisation process. We provide a free version on every printer that you purchase from Databac.

Dataimage works as the front end of your ID system. It can connect directly into your databases and will capture and store photos, signatures and data. It can work with a range of input devices (cameras, signature and biometric scanners) and most ID card printers on the market. Different versions are available to suit your needs: Lite (free with any card printer), Small Business Edition, Professional, Premium (mobile printing) and Visitor (registration and pre-booking) version. The Professional Edition has an optional Loyalty module to add and deduct loyalty points using and RFID card.


CardExchange is an alternative to Dataimage and offers various versions to suit all types and sizes of organisations: CardExchange GO, Business and Enterprise.

It is ideal for applications where you need to connect multiple databases to other data sources which can be automatically updated across the platform, such as healthcare or educational institutions. The user interface is very similar to any Microsoft program, providing an easy and user-friendly interface.


The Omnicard Card management system is designed to work securely in the cloud. It provides one interface to manage all your cards, from card design and data entry, to connection to, and data sharing with, other systems such as access control, vending, HR, parking or time recording. The system can be hosted on your own corporate server or on one of Microsoft’s Azure servers located in various places in the UK/Europe to make sure the data is secure according to GDPR / data protection regulations.

Card personalisation equipment

Databac offers a range of input devices for the capture of photographs, signatures, biometrics (fingerprint, vein, face, eye) and more, for a complete solution for identification. We work with all the leading brands in:

  • Photo ID capture (Videology, Logitech)
  • Signature capture (Evolis, Epad, Topaz)
  • Biometric capture (Suprema, Morpho, Hamster, Third Millennium)