Databac premium ID cards

Food processing, visitor control, RFID protection, longer-than-average use. There are some card applications that have unique requirements. As card experts, Databac has designed a number of own-brand cards with special characteristics to meet the needs of these niche areas.

Discover the full range:

  • Custom RFID cards – made in Europe to your specifications
  • Block IT™ – protect your RFID cards against digital theft and accidental transactions
  • DataReWrite™ – our rewritable card that can erased and re-printed up to 500 times
  • Metal Core™ – the ideal card for use with food production
  • TOUGH Card™ – the composite card that provides the best durability
  • PolyFlex™ – the flexible card that is made to last.
  • DuraCard™ – the composite card that likes hot climates

Databac offers a range of cards that have been designed and developed in-house. With so many cards in the market-place, these card brands have been developed to provide unique and superior performance against other generic cards.


Block IT Card

Block IT™ – protect your RFID cards against digital theft and accidental transactions

Now there is a simple but secure solution to protect the data stored on your payment cards, ID cards and ePassport from robbery and fraud. Billions of contactless cards are used worldwide every day for payment, access control and other applications. RFID has made life easier, but can leave your data more vulnerable to theft, cloning and accidental transactions. Contactless RFID chips can be read remotely (from a distance of up to five feet) without authorisation and without any indication that they are being read. The Block IT™ Card (Contactless Card Protector) from Databac effectively blocks RFID signals sent to readers or smartphones by fraudsters who try to illegally steal personal information stored on your credentials.

How it works: Simply place the Block IT™ Card (Contactless Card Protector) in your wallet alongside your contactless card and you are protected against digital robbery and accidental payment (works if your contactless card protector is in contact with your contactless card). Please note: Information is based on in house tests and may vary from site to site. Databac Group can provide samples for testing. Acceptance of the product after test will result of acceptance of its functionality.


Data Rewrite Card

DataReWrite™ – eco-friendly card can be erased and re-printed up to 500 times

Why use 500 cards when you can use one card up to 500 times*? Data ReWrite™ is Databac’s rewritable card, containing a thermal recording material which allows text and images to be printed and erased up to 500 times.

Visitor ID – Data ReWrite cards bring massive cost-savings to visitor ID and other applications with a fast, high turnover of cards. They allow companies to avoid pouches with paper inserts in favour of professional-looking plastic cards, personalised for each visitor with name and even photo.

High performance – TOUGH card and TOUGH card Bio offer a high flex-life, scuff resistance and reduced dye-migration. When incorporating contactless technology, the cards withstand flexing and IC mechanical stress much better than printed PVC chip cards.

Cards that communicate – Data ReWrite cards can also function as a promotional tool in loyalty schemes. They allow companies to communicate messages to customers on the card itself, for example loyalty points or special offers. Other potential applications include hotel key cards, library, student cards, membership, ski-passes, patient ID and contractor ID, where the data on the card needs to be updated or changed.

Custom-made to your requirements – Data ReWrite cards can be tailor-made to client specifications. The entire card can have a rewritable surface or just feature a rewritable panel. We can pre-print the cards with corporate graphics and security backgrounds and incorporate a range of technologies such as EM4200, Mifare, Legic, HID prox and iclass, and even UHF.

Compatible with all leading rewritable card printers from Fargo, Datacard, Evolis and most others.


Metal Core Card

Metal Core™ – the ideal card for use with food production

Metal Core refers to a variety of card types which Databac can manufacture with a metal foil core. Metal Core cards are aimed for use at food manufacturing plants and other areas where the card needs to be detected by a metal detector.

Applications – Metal Core cards are ideal for access or time recording cards worn by staff who work in food preparation areas or factories. The metal detection process at factories will pick up even a small piece of the foil if lost in the system. The cards are also useful at high-security zones where the wearer’s ID must be detected on leaving the area.

We are happy to provide samples for testing and consider specific requirements based on the detection equipment employed.

Databac’s PolyFlex pouches and cards, PVC cards, DuraCard and TOUGH card products can incorporate our metal foil core. Metal Core cards can incorporate a range of reading technologies so that they can be used with the majority of time and attendance, access control, and shop floor data collection systems available today. These include barcode, IR barcode, magnetic stripe and contact chip. RFID cards are in development.


Tough Card

TOUGH Card™ – the eco-friendly card that provides the best durability

Databac’s eco-friendly flagship product, TOUGH card, is the result of more than a decade’s development. Designed for printing using direct and retransfer printers, this durable card boasts an extended life span. TOUGH card is constructed of layers of recyclable polyester for ultimate flexibility and features a unique amorphous surface, which opens up to receive the dye and subsequently closes up, protecting the inks, for superb, durable print quality.

TOUGH card Bio – contains special additives in the construction which enable the card to biodegrade in soil in five years. The inner core is made up of a variety of materials, including a polyolefin that is derived from silica (sand). The entire card is non-toxic and contains no ozone-depleting ingredients.

High performance – TOUGH card and TOUGH card Bio offer a high flex-life, scuff resistance and reduced dye-migration. When incorporating contactless technology, the cards withstand flexing and IC mechanical stress much better than printed PVC chip cards.

Long-life usage – TOUGH card has a lifespan of up to 10 years and is extremely durable. Its extended life makes it ideal for driving licence and national ID projects where the card needs to be used for a long period of time. It is also highly suited to heavy-duty usage thanks to its durability and flexibility.

Preprinting and security options – TOUGH card and TOUGH card Bio can be supplied as plain white, transparent and pre-printed with full-colour graphics with standard and security inks. Holograms can also be applied to the surface and the card will accept a secondary overlaminate applied using a card printer after the printing process has been carried out.

TOUGH card is a trademark of Databac Group.


PolyFlex Card

PolyFlex™ – the eco-friendly card that is made to last

For applications that require a card which is very hard-wearing with no personalisation, we manufacture PolyFlex, a range of cards and key tags using a range of core materials laminated with a tough polyester laminate. These cards are extremely durable, temperature-stable and resistant to scratching and abrasion. Where little or manual personalisation is desired, PolyFlex PC, our solid polycarbonate card, or PolyFlex lamination pouches offer two options within this range.

Solid cards and key tags – PolyFlex solid cards consist of three, four or more laminated layers of Teslin and PETG, which can be pre-printed in the factory with graphics, photos, barcode and other variable data. These can include magnetic stripe, Wiegand Wire, IR readable barcode and RFID (such as Mifare, UHF Gen2, etc) and are shipped ready for use.

PolyFlex key tags and key tag/credit card combo sets – ideal for barcode and loyalty projects. These cards are ideal where no further personalisation is necessary, such as loyalty, time and attendance, sports membership, access control, data collection/asset tracking and library applications.

PolyFlex PC cards (polycarbonate) – These cards feature the same PolyFlex construction, with a polycarbonate laminate either side suitable for laser-engraving and personalisation. This card is based on our PolyFlex laminated Teslin construction and is laminated on both sides using a polycarbonate film. It has been shown to be much more durable than a 100% polycarbonate card and can be pre-printed with full-colour graphics and include many security features – ideal for ID and travel cards which require laser personalisation.

PolyFlex lamination pouches – consist of a central white polyester layer, plus a protective outer layer of clear PET on either side. Additional layers can be incorporated with die-cut apertures for adding instant photos, All-photo inserts, barcodes and variable data, prior to sealing using a standard desktop laminator. They can be supplied with signature panels and adhesive backs to allow them to be attached to most HID, Indala, IoProx, PAC, Identec, Cotag and other proximity tags and cards available on the market.



DuraCard™ – the composite card that likes hot climates

DuraCard is our range of composite polyester/PVC cards for direct printing, for those who wish to combine the flexibility and durability of polyester with the cost-effectiveness of PVC. Standard DuraCard comes in three compositions: DuraCard 40, 60 and 80, each with a 40, 60 and 80% PET content.

Pure platen-pressed polyester – DuraCard 100 is an extremely robust, ISO-standard 100% PET card, thanks to a manufacturing process traditionally used for PVC. Platen pressing ensures a molecular bond between layers of PET, creating a strong, solid, ISO-standard card, unequalled in the industry. Its unique properties make it suitable for all applications, from driving licences, access control, identification and transport, to military, government and loyalty.

DuraCard can be supplied plain or pre-printed with custom graphics. Most technologies can be incorporated and additional security options can be included during manufacture. Duracard 100 can be produced with a special coating to allow for personalisation using retransfer and dye-sublimation card printers (tis needs to be specified at time of order).