Access control & time recording solutions

Office complexes, universities, hospitals, retirement homes, clubs, car parks, hotel rooms, sports facilities, cruise ships, dockyards – our access solutions help you restrict entry to authorised people only. And not just premises; we help you manage access to PCs, office assets and lockers, too. Related to this is the capture of access data for human resources. In other words, time and attendance, with powerful features to help you manage payroll, holiday and sick leave. All using the latest in access and time technology, from wireless systems like RFID and UHF, through ultra-secure biometrics, to tried-and-tested card-based systems.

Biometric, card-based and combined access control solutions

Databac works with the leading systems manufacturers, offering the latest technologies in access control. Our range includes state-of-the-art biometric, card-based and combined card/biometric solutions and readers from the following brands:

  • BioDit
  • Dormakaba
  • Gantner
  • HID

  • Kantech
  • Kimaldi
  • Lenel
  • Nedap

  • Nortech
  • Paxton
  • Salto
  • Suprema

  • Third Millennium
  • Zettler


All component parts – from encoders, biometric readers and card readers, to cards, wristbands and keyfobs – are available separately, helping you to build or upgrade your system. Find out more >>

Locking solutions

Easy to install and set up, Databac can provide the lock and software solution to suit your exact needs. Our Bluetooth locking solutions are ideal for use at rental homes such as Airbnbs and camp sites. Install a Bluetooth RFID locking system and then send the access keys to your clients’ mobile using a secure app. The keys can be set up for fixed times and can be cancelled at any time via your own private web portal. Standard RFID cards or tags can also be issued.

Time & attendance solutions

Whether you are a hotel chain or a building contractor, Databac has solutions to help you track and manage your employees effectively, using a wide choice of technologies. Our carefully-chosen portfolio includes time recording and management solutions from the following manufacturers:

  • Suprema
  • HID Global
  • Kronos
  • VP Cloud

VP Cloud is our cloud-based time and attendance solution, which allows you to keep track of your employees’ working hours, even if they are off-site at a client or working from home. Secure cloud software allows them to log in and out on a biometric / RFID terminal in the office or via their mobile in the field. VP Cloud can be used for payment of salaries and holiday management. Employees can access their own web portal to request holidays, consult their logged hours and check their holiday entitlement.

Besides full systems, we can offer biometric readers, card readers, enrollment stations, cards, wristbands and all components necessary to run the system. Find out more >>

Locker management solutions

Smart locks for your lockers. Databac is proud to offer Gantner’s innovative locking systems, widely used across many industries, including hospitals, universities, commercial sites and leisure facilities. From battery-powered to networked smart locks, Gantner makes locker management easy, yet secure and reliable.

Eliminating the problems of jammed locks, members losing their keys or coins or leaving their gym kit locked up for days, Gantner’s electronic locking systems for lockers give you complete control over your changing rooms while offering ease of use for customers. Contact us for more information.

PC and workstation logon solutions

Databac helps you leverage physical security measures for logical access. Use the same cards or registered fingerprints to access a PC, workstation or other device, for a streamlined, secure solution. Besides our own cards, we offer software and equipment from our expert partners. Here are some of the brands we work with in this area:

  • Gemalto (SafeNet)
  • HID (Omnikey, Crescendo, HID on the Desktop)
  • BIT4ID
  • Databac systems from Mada

Find out more >>