ID card production bureau

Databac offers a complete bureau service for those who do not wish to purchase a complete photo ID system. We will personalise and encode your cards for you either in-house or on-site.

Our bureau utilises the latest in image capture, compression and card printing technologies, in order to provide the best possible service in terms of turnaround times, competitive prices and quality of product. We use our own Dataimage photo ID software which combines images and data. As this data is stored, reprints can be provided immediately.

If required, our bureau will attach the finished cards onto your stationery and mail the cards directly to the card holder – ideal for libraries, transportation, loyalty, conferences, trade shows and seminars.

We manufacture and supply cards in a variety of sizes and materials depending on your needs. These can incorporate a variety of reading technologies such as:

  • Magnetic stripe (HiCo/LoCo/Watermark Magnetics®)
  • Contact chip – such as SLE5542, SmartCafe,ID Prime; GemClub Memo
  • RFID – all types 125Khz, 13,56MhZ and UHF (such as Mifare, EM, HID, Legic, Higgs 3)
  • Barcode (2D,QR and Infrared)
  • We still offer old technologies such as Wiegand Wire; BaFe, Inductive)
  • Multifunction, etc For example, HID + Mifare, Mifare + EM


Step 1 – card design

The first part of our service is to design the card. We follow your design specifications or you can choose from our library of pre-configured templates. There is a once-only charge for each new job. A proof will be provided for your approval.  Artwork approval sheets ate normally supplied in electronic format such as a pdf.

It is possible to scan in logos and other graphics from letterheads and compliment slips, but the better the quality the better the printed image. Vector images are best.

Artwork can be accepted in PC and Mac format on CD or USB memory stick. We accept files created in Quark XPress, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and CorelDRAW, as well as PDF, BMP, TIF, PCX, JPG and others (please enquire). Artwork should have a minimum resolution of 300dpi and must be accompanied by a colour printout or PDF. You can send your graphics directly to our bureau at: [email protected] (UK) or [email protected] (SPAIN).


Step 2 – photo and data capture

Photos, data and other information are sent directly to our bureau service centre via email, secure courier, post or other method. Data can also be sent using PKI service (data is encrypted using a 128 bit key) or via a secure Virtual Private Network. Databac has an ISO27001 for Data protection and encryption. We are happy to use your preferred data transfer protocol.

Alternatively, we visit your site(s) and capture photos and other required data using our mobile photo capture stations. Cards can be issued on the spot or are usually brought back to our bureau service centre for processing.

Where data exists in multiple formats and in varying levels of quality, our bureau offers a database management service. In this case, we create an ID database for the customer, bringing together photos and data from varying sources. Our team cleans up the photos, conducts rigorous quality control of the data and creates accurate records for a clean, ready-to-print database. We can store this database securely for future use in case cards need to be reissued.


Step 3 – printing and encoding

We offer a variety of ways to produce your cards (and other documents).

Cards can be printed in single or full colour, on one or both sides. We deploy utilise the latest in high-definition 600 dpi image re-transfer card printing equipment for superb quality and speed. Cards are produced with photographic quality, providing vivid colours and sharp detail. For added security we ca\n include UV logos and microtext.

We also offer digital print technology where we use our latest HP Indigo press to send photo and personal data directly to large sheets of plastic in high definition and then these sheets are laminated with or without any technology and then laminated using platen press or roll lamination equipment depending on the type of card materials we are using to finish the card.

matica 8600  bureau service  bureau service

Our bureau service team are skilled at colour matching corporate logos and other graphics. If you need anything designed or written, then we can handle this for you as well.

For that distinctive look, we can print and hot-stamp metallic colours and holographic foils onto the card. Other effects such as selective transparent, gloss or matte finish are also available.  Secure Signature or scratch-off panels can be included and information can also be embossed. Applying a tough layer of polyester over the card will protect the graphics from being scratched. For additional security, we can include:

  • Holographic overlay
  • Hot-stamp hologram
  • UV printing
  • Other covert methods

Where required, cards are numbered and encoded before despatch.