ID cards & technologies

Databac has been the leading specialist manufacturer of ID cards since 1970. At our secure production facilities in UK and Spain, we produce identification cards to our customers’ specifications, with a choice of materials, technologies and security features. If you need cards, you need to talk to Databac!

Card materials

We offer cards from a variety of materials, each one with its own properties that make it suitable for your application. The most popular are PVC, PET, polycarbonate (PC) and ABS. High-tech materials include the rewritable substrate used for Data ReWrite™, our range of rewritable cards, the RFID blocking material of our Block IT cards and the detectable foils used in our Metal Core cards for food production facilities. Sustainable materials used are recyclable plastics (PET, corn-based PLA and degradable PVC), certified paper card, wood and chalk.

Card technologies

Depending on your application, Databac can incorporate one or more technologies into your cards. In fact, we specialise in multi-function cards and badges for use with systems such as access control, time and attendance, vending, loyalty, library, travel and the Internet of Things (IoT), where cards, disctags, wristbands or labels use near-field communications (NFC) technology collect and exchange data. Databac works with all the major chip manufacturers, including LEGIC, NXP, HID, Indala, EM, Gemalto, Alien and Impinj to offer all smart technologies.


  • Barcode – 1D/2D/QR – visible or infrared
  • Magnetic Stripe – Low / High / Dual coercivity and Watermark® Magnetics
  • Inductive and similar where we embed a metal foil into the card body
  • Wiegand Wire – where we embed special wires in the cards which create binary pulses when read.

Contact chip:

  • Memory cards (low-cost alternative to magstripe, read-only or read/write with password protection and crypto memory) including FM4442/ SLE4442; SLE4428/5542/5528, GemClub Memo AT24C02/04/08 and SunRay
  • Microprocessor cards (more secure than memory cards with own operating system and processing capability) including Crescendo (HID) C1150/1150, Gemalto .NET V2+ (IDPrime, IDCore), GyD (StarCos SPK)
  • Java cards (allow small Java applets to run on a smart card), using open platform operating systems from GyD (Smartcafe) Oracle (Java 3.01), NXP (JCOP2.4.1/ J2A and J3A) and Infineon (SLE78).

Contactless / RFID – LF (125KHz), HF (13,56MHz) and UHF (840-960MHz):

  • 125KHz (low frequency, read-only) such as EM4102/4450/4550, HID Prox, Atmel 5577 (R/W), Unique/Q5, Indala, TK4100, Hitag 1 and Hitag 2
  • 13.56MHz (high-frequency, read/write) including NXP’s EV1 and EV2 versions of MIFARE® Classic, MIFARE DESfire®, MIFARE PLUS® and MIFARE ULTRALITE®, MIFARE ICODE® SL1X/SL2 Legic MIM/Avant, HID iClass, Infineon, Fudan, TagIT, Salto and Vingcard
  • UHF (ultra high frequency, long distance) including Alien (Higgs 3 and 4) NXP (UUcode /DNA) and Impinj (Monza 4/5/6).

NFC & The Internet of Things (IoT):

  • NTAG 210/212, NTAG 213/215/216, NTAG 213 TT (Tag Tamper), NTAG 413 DNA
  • MIFARE Ultralite EV1 and Type C, MIFARE 1K, MIFARE DESfire EV2 (CC EAL5+ security).

Wristbands, keyfobs, disctags, tags and labels

Beyond cards, we also manufacture and supply other types of credentials to identify people, animals and products. Each is embedded with the latest technologies. Our plain and RFID wristbands can be one-time use only or reusable and made of Tyvek® paper, vinyl, Plastilam, woven and stretchy fabric and silicone. Small and compact, our keyfobs can be made in different colours and materials (ie, PC, ABS, resin fibre, leather).

Most products can have a logo, UID, number, barcode or QR code using various techniques such pad/screen printing; laser engraving; thermal or DOD inkjet, hot-stamp, embossing and debossing and colour-infill. Keyfobs can feature customised dome labels.

Labels and disctags can be custom-made with RFID protection built in (OTP – website registration), which is ideal for brand authentication for fragrance and other beauty products, for example, while our labels and tags can be affixed to high-value equipment for office security for tracking and tracing.

Bureau service

Don’t want to purchase a photo ID system? Let us do the work. For your convenience, Databac offers a professional bureau service. We will personalise and encode your cards for you either in-house or on-site. Our bureau utilises the latest in image/data capture, printing and encoding technologies in order to provide the best possible service in terms of turnaround times, competitive prices and quality of product. For large projects, we can personalise at high speed with our digital printing service; for smaller orders, we use professional card printers. Data can be sent in encrypted format via our cloud service, using a secure web portal.

Card and document security

Cards used in high-security applications need high-security features. Databac offers a number of security options that can be added to your cards and credentials. We can create standard or custom holograms, such as holographic overlays, optical variable devices or hot-stamp holograms. We can also apply UV printing or guilloche backgrounds. Security Inside is our propriety method where we embed a ghosted pattern or logo in the card material itself as a cost-effective yet secure authentication device. Consult your sales representative to discover the covert methods available.