ID card, wristband & label printers

Databac sells a wide range of different printers to personalise and encode cards. We partner with all of the major card printer manufacturers, including Matica, Datacard, Fargo, Evolis, Magicard, Dascom, Zebra, Nisca, Smart and Javelin. We also provide extended warranties, hot-swap agreements, training, remote and on-site technical support and repair services, helping you as much or as little as you need.

Direct-to-card printers come in different types, for CR80 and other size cards, such as large-format for events and sporting accreditation. They can print in monochrome and full colour, for single-side or dual-side printing and with options for lamination, encoding, embossing and laser-engraving.

Dye-sublimation thermal transfer printers

The most common card printers are dye-sublimation thermal transfer printers (D2T2 or DTC), which use a print ribbon with cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK) panels, plus optional protective overlay (O or T). This method generally leaves an unprinted area around the edges of the card; for a full bleed image, a retransfer printer is needed.

This method is ideal for personalisation onto plain or pre-printed PVC or PVC/PET cards, without contact chip or RFID. It is also suitable for printing black resin (K) only such as text and barcodes.

Our most popular models include:

  • Fargo DTC1250e / DTC4250e / DTC1500
  • Datacard SD160 / SD260 / SD360 / SD460 / CD800
  • Evolis Primacy / Zenius / Avansia

Retransfer printers

Retransfer printers use a two-stage process, where the image is printed using D2T2 or ink-pigmentation onto a clear film, which is then laminated – or retransferred – onto the card surface. It allows plain and pre-printed cards to be printed completely edge-to-edge.

This method is ideal for use with RFID and contact chip cards and works well with many different card materials such as PVC, PET, ABS and polycarbonate.

Our most popular models include:

  • Matica XID 8100 / 8300 / 8600
  • Fargo HDP5000 / 5600 / 6600 / 8500
  • Datacard SR200 / 300
  • Evolis Avansia
  • Dascom DC-7600
  • Datacard CR805 (ink-pigment retransfer printer)

Rewritable printers

Rewritable card printers work without a print ribbon. Rewritable cards such as Databac’s Data ReWrite™ are made using a thermosensitive material that is revealed when exposed to a high temperature by the printer head. The cards tend to be pre-printed with backgrounds and corporate branding; the personal details are then added by the rewritable printer. Ideal for club membership, visitor control and contractor management applications, the cards can be printed, erased and reprinted up to 500 times, depending on the printer used.

  • Databac DRW-S20
  • Fargo DTC1250e
  • Evolis Tattoo Rewrite
  • Datacard SD160 / 260 / 360

Wristband / label printers

Databac’s wristband printers allow for our plain and RFID wristbands to be printed with text and barcodes. These can also include RFID encoders for programming HF (Mifare, NFC) and UHF chips (Alien) during the issuance. We work with manufacturers such as Zebra, Bioxilin. These printers operate with our ID printing software.