ID card accessories

You have a card, now you need to wear it. We offer a host of card wearing options, from simple clips and holders to eye-catching branded lanyards. We also consider special features like nickel-free products or magnetic holders that do not damage clothes. Here is just a short list of the most popular card wearing accessories:

  • Plain lanyards (ribbon, braided and other textures)
  • Printed lanyards (screen / dye-sublimation, woven)
  • Eco lanyards (recycled PET, bamboo, PLA, cork, cotton)
  • Lanyard attachments (safety breakaway, clips, mobile phone attachments)
  • Eco lanyard attachments (rubber clips, PP fittings)
  • ID badge clips (lever and crocodile clips, reinforced straps)
  • Yo-yos / retractable card reels (ski-zips) in high-impact ABS and metal finishes
  • Pouches in all sizes, made of vinyl, eco-friendly EVA and other materials
  • EVA pouches (REACH-compliant)
  • Rigid card holders (open-faced, enclosed, lockable, biodegradable, compostable, EvoHold anti-microbial, metallised and more)
  • Desktop slot and hole punches.

In addition, we have a whole catalogue of card storage solutions, from wall-mounted card racks to visitor card cases and lockable card strongboxes.