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smarti ®, from Databac Group, is an innovative identification solution which applies a combination of face, mimic and voice recognition for multiple functions, including access control, time and attendance and building automation.

smarti ® eliminates buddy punching and ghost workers, boosting productivity and ultimately the bottom line. It keeps unauthorised persons out of a building without worries about stolen cards or PINs and its multimodal technology means no authorised person is rejected.

Databac managing director Charles Balcomb said: “Facial recognition is less intrusive than iris technology, with little action required from the user, and just as effective. smarti®’s combination of facial recognition with voice and mimic detection makes it among the most secure systems on the market – and it is fantastically easy to use.”

smarti ® can integrate with – and control – existing security systems using different technologies, thereby avoiding disruptive overhauls. It can control electronic devices like locks, alarms, lights and heating. With an integrated camera, it can even be used for video surveillance.

Functionality is simple. Motion sensors detect the presence of a person and the unit requests a voice code. smarti® captures a facial image and verifies the image, voice print and lip movement. Once authenticated, it then performs the tasks as defined by the operator: open the door, switch on the lights or store a photo in the event log, for example.

The software enables customisable reports on entries/exits and staff presence. Attendance schedules can be programmed and data can be exported into other systems such as payroll software for fast and easy payroll calculations.

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