When someone comes to visit your organisation, your need to be able to identify them as a Visitor (or Contractor). Databac offers a range of Visitor Management Solutions from manual visitor books, to computerised system where a paper insert, adhesive label or even a plastic card can be printed and given to your Visitor to display clearly when they are in the building.

Data Management VisitorPass Solutions™

Databac partners with DMI to provide manual visitor books and also electronic visitor systems that produce special adhesive labels that are safe to attach to clothing.  DMI have developed a “automatic expiring” tab on their labels that will display the word “VOID” after 24 hours which stop that label from being used again.

Dataimage visitor management

“The ID software thats puts your in control”

We have been offering this software for many years. Its easy to use and there are different versions available depending on what you need to use it for.

The Visitor Management version allows you to print a variety of style of Visitor passes and can then  be scanned in and out  to enable you to register and track your visitors.  Visitor can also be pre-booked so wen they arrive, its easy to find their details and print their pass for them.

There is also a Kiosk version of the software available which uses a touch screen PC and allows your visitor to enter their own details when they arrive. They can then print their badge and have it ready for them to collect at the reception.
The Kiosk versión of Dataimage Visitor can really help reduce the waiting time when there are many visitors coming into the organisation every day.


Simple, effective mobile passenger verification.

Biometric access control and time and attendance.

A flexible and inexpensive way to attach tags to luggage.

Ideal for VIP guests or access to VIP areas.

Simple, stylish, secure lock systems from Biodit.

User-friendly fingerprint & card-based systems.

Our software allows you to print and encode your own cards in-house.

Control and analyse the productivity of your staff.