ID & Visitor Software to make its easier for your to issue your cards using a colour card printer, Databac offers software soutions to enable you to be able to design, print and encode your cards.

CardExchange® solutions

CardExchange® Solutions are developers of credential software for visitor management and card production applications.

With over 38,000 installations Worldwide and 12 years experience in the market, CardExchange® Solutions are trusted to secure nuclear plants, defence departments, airports, education facilities, manufacturing sites and large corporations.

Our portfolio includes CardExchange® Producer which allows you to create templates, connect to multiple databases, capture photos, signatures, biometric data, scan documents then print and encode a plastic card or even labels, tickets or wristbands.

With CardExchange® Visitor you can track the movements of your visitors, create and manage events, issue non-disclosure documents, manage multiple companies, locations and resources, run background checks and print visitors passes and reports.

With CardExchange® Solutions your business is secure!


“The ID software thats puts your in control”

We have been offering this software for many years. Its easy to use and there are different versions available depending on what you need to use it for.

Databac’s easy-to-use ID software, Dataimage, provides a complete solution for designing and printing ID cards for use in a host of applications, putting you in control of the ID card personalisation process.  We provide a free versión on every printer that you purchase from Databac.

Dataimage Works as the front end of your ID system. It can connecte via ODBC directly into your databases and will to capture potos, signatures and data and hold in the database. Available as Lite; Snmall Business Edition; Professional and Premium it can work with a range of input devices (cameras, signature and biometric scanners) and most ID card printers in the market.  In addition, there is also a Visitor Management version available to allow you to register and track your visitors.

Datacard® TruCredential™

Datacard® TruCredential™ Suite software is the preferred solution to efficiently design, manage and deliver secure ID cards and credentials for employees, citizens and students everywhere. This powerful software suite – complete with next generation technology – empowers organizations to meet a wide range of application requirements, from basic photo IDs to high-assurance credentials. This flexible, web based software comes in four user-friendly editions enabling customers to easily scale from a single workstation to multi workstations, enterprise-wide application with less complexity and more functionality.

Simple, effective mobile passenger verification.

Print personalised messages directly onto members’ cards.

Our software allows you to print and encode your own cards in-house.

Produce your own gift cards at the point of sale.

Dataimage Visitor software for visitor control and pass issuance.

Biometric recognition for access control and time recording.

Tailored solutions for access control and time & attendance.