Databac’s factory is certified to ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO27001 and we are also ITSO certified to make UK travel cards. We make standard cards using PVC, polyester and polycarbonate. Within these cards, we can incorporate one or more smart technologies so that they can be with a range of systems such as access control, time and attendance, vending, loyalty, library and travel. We offer most 125 kHz, 13,56MHz and UHF.

We specialise in making multi-technolgy cards.

We work with most chip manufacturers including:


Legic is one of the world’s leading RFID technology providers in the world. Legic’s licensed Master Token system and 3DES with 128 AES encryption puts Legic technology as one of the most securest forms of RFID available today. Databac is licensed to the highest level allowing us to produce ID products such as Prime and Avant along with all of the other available Legic products.

NXP (Philips)

In1994, MIFARE introduced the world’s first contactless ISO/IEC 14443 memory IC with cryptography. Since then, public- and private-sector organizations around the world have used MIFARE as the foundation for all kinds of contactless SmartCard systems. We manufacture cards with the following NXP prodcts: MIFARE® Classic EV1, MIFARE Plus®, MIFARE DESFire® EV1 and EV2, MIFARE Ultralight® (TYpe C and EV1) and SmartMX.  ICODE SLIX (SLIX-2;ILT and DNA) Hitag (S, 2 and 1) UCODE and NTAG 213 and NTAG216. We are adding new NXP products as they are being released.

HID & Indala

Databac has been working with HID and Indala products for over 20 years and we offer all of their cards and readers. This includes the original wiegand wire cards (HID purchased Sensor Engineering Inc who developed this technology) and of course their original 125Khx proximity cards – we offer every proximity format including corporate 1000. We also offer the complete range of iClass® cards including iClass® SEOS® and iClass SE®. If you need Indala products, Databac are one of only a few suppliers of Indala FlexPass; FlexISO and Flex XT cards. We also work with their logical Access product such as Omnikey, Crescendo and ActivID®. HID and Indala products are encoded in our factory.


Databac is a certifed Gemalto Partner and we can offer all of its card, token and reader products.  We manufacture and supply plain and printed cards with Gemalto including ID Prime .NET; ID Prime 3810/830/840 and GemClub Memo.


Databac has been an authorised convertor of Alien products for over 10 years and we offer all of their UHF products such as Alien Higgs 3 and 4.  Databac was one of the first producer of ISO cards using Alien H3 inlays and now we offer cards, tags and labels.

Simple, effective mobile passenger verification.

Contactless, chip or magstripe cards for door locking systems Vingcard, Onity, Inhova and more.

Print personalised messages directly onto members’ cards.

Implement your own card-based customer reward programme.

Update points and offer info on customer loyalty cards.